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Sep 282011

Precedent video by Jonathan Harris
Looking at “Life Tracking” via 365 Project
dropped the sex worker study for the moment…
Precedent to show for Writing Class

First paper map

Using my tap2post platform, (a social networking app/ for mobile photo blogging/ with a one photo per day constraint. To build community and connectivity) I would like to curate photos from a community of New York sex workers, or transexuals, or transexual sex workers by hosting photos of their day-to-day lives, captured by users on their smart phones. Through the collection of images, a true and self-documented portrait of the group will emerge. My hope is that the photos will be collected and displayed beyond the app.

I believe that historically, in addition to being marginalized culturally and politically, sex workers have been underserved by existing social networks like Facebook, which relies on a 9-5 corporate style for its user base. Some of the domains I’m exploring are: crowd sourcing, the art of collecting stories and experiences, web for social change, meaning and behavior in mundane activities.

There are too many precedents to count, but Jonathan Harris, Nan Goldin, and Norene Leddy come to mind immediately. What does it mean to enable a group via current online tools and technology to document lives that are going undocumented? Jonathan Harris said he did a 365 project so as not to forget his life and to not be forgotten.

Domain and Precedent Map (if you would like to make this much bigger, click into the image twice)