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I’m thinking my interests lie (and the world as I see it) in immediacy and connectivity especially regarding status, blogging, trending updates, like see what I’m following on Twitter, but that really doesn’t tell my story because I got bored with tweeting. I felt like I didn’t have time to keep up, even at a lowly 140 characters. I’m following the gamut from random actor tweets to Parsons DT colleagues. Reddit, I also couldn’t keep up with the constant feed. I actually like the way my tap2post limited participation (and viewing) to one photo a day per user, but this isn’t about my project.

I’m into fresh blasts as they relate to real-time news. Ok, so I’m more into local or celebrity news. I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and read that every week, along with Time Out New York, and Out magazine, which is a great source for culture, fashion, art, New York coverage. Also, GQ and Details, so pretty male-centric. A lot of my project ideas and leads come from current events, and from the pages of these magazines. I was an art director from a magazine in a previous life, and I think these pubs reflect my interests fairly accurately. I would love to work for a magazine again in NYC, in the multimedia/interactive department.

Also, sexuality, specifically gayness, queer culture, guys, guys in jockstraps. Definitely a big fan of Grindr, because the gay GPS app has really redefined the way men meet for dates and sex. I have downloaded hundreds of photos of hot guys that I would love to use in some kind of visualization, or any of the data from Grindr as a source. I’m also interested in an internship at Grindr and/or an info session with the creator Joel about how to build my app.

I would say the first step is to find a developer (or developers) that you trust that is/are familiar with the iPhone SDK, which is the software language to write these apps. Then you can begin the process and see how much funding you will need to develop your ideas and start working together to create an app. Start off small until you know there is demand for your service and be sure there is a way to generate revenue early on.

Connectivity on social networking sites like Facebook (not a fan, specifically the lack of personal style. I say this while typing into a template that is rather bland.) Kind of like Google Plus because it’s the next new, and only the cool kids are doing it so far. I’m really obsessed with instant information (status updates and news). This relates to smart phones (specifically the Droid and iPhone right now) and ubiquitous computing in general, which then also kind of rolls in cognitive surplus and crowd-sourcing.

Also of interest is fitness, the body. I started this MFADT program thinking that it would get me out from behind my computer more. I pictured urban interventions and environmental graphics or art. I’d like to still pursue this. Taking my project tap2post to the trans community, I think appeals to me on this level (field research in this case.)

So, one of the concepts that keeps me up at night is the idea that no app has changed people’s lives for the better. I think twitter has changed the way people write and connect, definitely its global impact goes beyond the ‘taking a crap” status update. So, in light of that, this is one of my biggest precedents:

Jonathan Harris uses technology as a tool to examine different social patterns, including a photo per day project that continues throughout his work and is obviously very tied to my own explorations. His name comes up every time I present anything about t2p. I think I need to reach out to him and ask some questions and hopefully introduce him to my photo/day app concept.

Last semester I seeked out, interviewed or listened to, or went to a show by different fine artists related to my studies. I definitely plan to continue this with my thesis work. I got kind of wrapped up in photo bloggers, so I interviewed Parsons grad Jessica Yartrofsky, talked to Nan Goldin, went to the retrospective of Karlheinz Weinberger.

Nan Goldin led a discussion at Parsons and talked with me afterwards and signed my book. She was really nice; it was kind of amazing. The topic was “Self-censorship” which she related to personal experiences of the subjects of her photos who tried to hide or retroactively have a photo removed from a show or book after agreeing to pose. This topic is HUGE, with tons of areas of exploration here for thesis. This sort of relates to my study of sharing, and over-sharing.

Still interested in seeing how the mundane and spontaneous moments of these “photo blogs (before and after flickr)” become fine art. There is this intimacy, a scene of cool people, and lots and lots of documentation. Which brings me to art stars. Check out my Ivy Nicholson Project, which involves personal experience with this old (nasty) New York art star. I love celebrity redemption and falls from grace. I wish I could pal around with Ryan McGinley or do work that puts me in the same league/show with modern day Warhols. Oh yeah I really like shooting video (locations, locations, locations), and artist Ryan Trecartin.

So there is a sense of history here. It’s not all immediacy and breaking news.

Also went to CHINA for June and created this project, and was very excited by the expatriate experience. Loved standing out from the crowd (mostly by being white,) exploring visibility and invisibility. Cultural differences, exploration, personal experience, travel, new big moments. Not very inspired by day to day experiences, I’m searching for meaning or something superlative.

Product Design. I’m going to throw that out there because I am really interested in designing a line for Invisaline that would be colored, or fanged, “grills.” The company pushes braces and invisible is ideal, but I think I could tweet at or reddit this alternative concept and get some attention. You only have to wear a tray for two weeks or retainers only at night, so why not get adventurous. I don’t know I have these random whims that don’t really fit into any of these categories. I like to reinterpret things.

I’m reading these design books right now, though they were assigned, so I really don’t think they count in a literature review. But since they may affect my work (I hope so), let me title drop the following: Rules of Play by Salen and Zimmerman, The Elements of Typographic Style by Bringhurst, Graphic Design The New Basics by Phillips, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Tufte, and Thinking with Type by Lupton.

So, I guess this is my jumping off point.

More domains I thought of after writing this:
• Participatory Art like Joëlle Bitton‘s work
• Code for Mobile: I want to take this class, but it doesn’t exist.
• The AT&T HTC Status has a Facebook button that publishes almost anything to Facebook in one click. The Facebook button glows any time you take a picture, to indicate “hey, you can post this instantly.”
• User experience design
• Live streaming video/events
• Using the web for social change, like Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project (Google Chrome commercial below)